Arinether Wilkes

Prior the recession the Wilkes family had it all; a safe home, a well-paying job and a loving family. When the economy faltered, unfortunately, so did they. The problems started mounting when Nita Wilkes lost her job in 2011, she was going through a divorce, and had a baby on the way. A friend told her about the Sulzbacher Center, and at first she was hesitant to go. She did not know what to expect. With time running out, she recognized that the Sulzbacher Center was her only option and came in for shelter.

“When I came to the Center I was introduced to a wonderful caseworker named Tish. She introduced me to a heck of a lot of programs and great people. Tish worked hard to help me get back on my feet with the Good Will job program and lifeskills classes like resume writing”. With the help of the Center’s programs Ms. Wilkes got a new job as a mortgage counselor in June of 2012. She and her three daughters Keiara, KeShauna, and now five month old Khristian moved out of shelter into a home of their own in August.

Nita learned a lot during her time at the Sulzbacher Center but she said the thing that had the most impact was the kindness of strangers. “I learned that if family is not there for you, you can depend on the kindness of strangers to assist you when you need help. When I was growing up, my mother would contribute to lots of different organizations. There was a guy that used to come by my house all the time and she would take the goods out of our cabinet to provide for this young man. I would ask her ‘Mom why are you going into the cabinet and giving to this person?’ She said, ‘One day I pray that if you are in a situation like this, there will be someone there to assist you, because I am not going to be here forever.’ When the time came for me to need help, I am so grateful that the Sulzbacher Center was there.”